Since the Clinton Administration, Republicans and Democrats have become increasingly divided. Bill Clinton was demonized and nearly impeached. George Bush was hated by Democrats for the Iraq war. Barack Obama was even more hated by Republicans for Obamacare.

And now we have Donald Trump — a man who we are willing to work with. We do not like, for example, the way he talks about women and immigrants. But we support certain ideas of his, for example term limits on members of Congress. Essentially we are willing to work with anyone for the sake of our country.


America is a great country. We aim to preserve our democracy by fostering co-operation between both sides of the aisle by providing and advocating for common sense solutions that both sides of the aisle agree on. The Common Ground Movement strongly supports civil rights movements such as the LGBTQ community. That being said, we know these communities are strong enough to stick up for themselves.

Instead we focus on six non-controversial issues that nearly all Americans agree upon. Helping the homeless, creating jobs and job training, improving and modernizing our infrastructure, protecting the environment, common sense gun control and equal rights for women. We're hoping that by focusing on these issues, Republicans and Democrats can once again learn how to work with each other for the sake of our nation.